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Foundation repair in Union Lake, MI

Foundation repair in (city/county) MIUnion Lake in Oakland County, Michigan, is a beautiful place to own a home. But what if you see foundation damage problems, like foundation cracks, creeping through your house? This frustrating and even potentially dangerous issues can be managed with home foundation repair. Finding permanent solutions for these problems may provide you the peace of mind you deserve.

Thankfully, our team at Foundation Solutions 360 can provide foundation repair service, including residential foundation repair, from foundation repair experts who understand your home’s needs. So if you need house foundation repair from a foundation specialist in Union Lake, learn more about how we can help protect your home and keep it safe from long-term damage problems.

Common Union Lake and Oakland County Foundation Problems

When you need repair or foundation renovation in Union Lake, our team at Foundation Solutions 360 can help you. We stand out from other foundation repair companies by providing you with a foundation repair contractor who cares about your needs. No matter what types of foundation your home uses, we can help you where other foundation companies fail:

  • Serious cracks in the walls that ruin your home’s overall stability and safety
  • Problems with doors and windows that make your home uncomfortable
  • Issues with shifting ground, no matter what type of soil you possess
  • Bowing walls and crack repair steps that would otherwise affect your home

Common foundation problems that we can help repair include poor foundation construction, damage caused by serious plumbing leaks, shifting soils caused by poor compaction, and natural damage triggered by rain, snow, and pests. We’ll start by giving your home a rigorous foundation inspection

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Foundation failure is not a problem that sneaks up on homeowners but provides plenty of warning signs that something is wrong. Just a few foundation warning signs you may notice include:

  • Small cracks in the basement that may spread into your drywall
  • Shifting soil around your home or falling areas of soil
  • Uneven floors that become more graded over time
  • Change in your walls (bowing) or chimney shifting
  • Doors and windows that refuse to shut or stay open

When you notice these warning signs, it is important to contact us at Foundation Solutions 360 to learn more! Our team of professionals can help to repair many of these problems, including fixing cracks, supporting your foundation, and even waterproofing your basement to minimize damage spread.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Our team can provide many long-term repair solutions that meet your needs. These include:

  • Low-Pressure Injection: This method uses epoxy or polyurethane foam to fix minor cracks in your walls and is a good choice when foundation problems are minimal.
  • Wall Anchors: We can also install wall anchors and beams to support your walls on the inside of your home, which is a great option when you can’t dig outside your house.
  • Helical Piers: Our team can install various piers around your home throughout the soil that prevent it from shifting and causing crawl space and basement problems.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

If you’re worried about foundation settlement or damaged crawl space, find a repair expert who can help you. At Foundation Solutions 360, our team will help diagnose any problems with your home’s foundation and repair your concrete foundation to keep it operational and strong. Just a few benefits you might get when you work with us include:

  • Better Resale Value: Did you know that you can sell your home for more money if you repair common foundation problems and ensure your concrete slabs are supported by a pier and beam system?
  • Enhanced Stability: By paying foundation repair costs and upgrading your foundation, you make your home more stable and ensure that it is safe for your family and yourself.
  • Stronger Financial Health: Have you been investing a lot of money in home repair over the years? You might just want foundation repair to stabilize your house and cut back on the progressive damage that may cost more to fix.
  • Improved Home Longevity: Repairing your foundation and minimizing serious damage can help your home last longer, ensure that you get as much time in it as possible, and avoid long-term financial complications.

Our team is always standing by to help you with many of the most common repair steps, such as fixing cracks and shoring up bowing walls. We want to make your home safe and will do whatever we can to help you.

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No matter what kind of foundation problems you experience, our team at Foundation Solutions 360 can help you. Contact us online or call us at 855-532-5360 to set up a free and no-obligation inspection. That’s right: we’ll come to your home, inspect your foundation at no charge, and help you understand what is happening to your house. Don’t forget to ask about our long-term sinking foundation solutions!