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Foundation Repair in St Clair County

Foundation Repair in St Clair CountyHave you purchased a new home and are not happy about the condition of your foundation? Perhaps your home has been in your family for generations and is in dire need of foundation repair?

No matter your needs, our team here at Foundation Solutions 360 can help with all types of foundation repair in St Clair County.

We have been providing foundation repair in St Clair County and other areas for many, many years. We can also provide basement waterproofing services, and crawl space repairs.

We are a local, veteran-owned and veteran-operated company whose services you can really trust, and we also service these ares in Michigan:

Your Number One Choice for Foundation Repair in St Clair County

You need to make the correct choice when it comes to foundation repair in St Clair County. Foundation repair is complicated and should only be performed by people who really know what they are doing and have the experience to back that knowledge up.

At Foundation Solutions 360 we have an all-star team of talented foundation contractors who can assess the condition of your foundation and provide effective repairs that will not break your budget. If you have water intrusion, bowing walls, a foundation that is shrinking or doors and windows in your building that will not close cleanly, then we will likely be able to help you.

We Can Provide Services in Addition to Foundation Repair in St Clair County

As we mentioned above, although we specialize in foundation repair in St Clair County, it is not all that we are capable of doing. We can also waterproof your basement to prevent water intrusion and in turn stop possible future foundation problems as well.

We can also make repairs to your crawl space if required. All these factors are important to the integrity of your home or building, and you will experience issues if such factors are not properly maintained.

Even if you are not specifically looking for foundation repair in St Clair County, why not contact us for a free survey of your foundation and basement anyhow? You can then be confident that you have no issues, or that any issues you do have can be taken care of.

If your foundation is experiencing issues then the worst thing you can do is leave it to faith that the issues will go away all by themselves, as they won’t – indeed they are guaranteed to get worse. For foundation repair in St Clair County that you can trust one hundred percent, contact us here at Foundation Solutions 360. Contact us at (855) 532-5360 or use the online contact form that’s available on our website.