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Foundation Repair in Algonac MI

Foundation Repair Algonac MIAt Foundation Solutions 360, we’ve been proud to serve homeowners in Algonac, MI, St. Clair County, and its surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our foundation repair services are second to none in the state of Michigan. Our licensed and insured technicians offer solutions in foundation repair for problems big and small. You may be wondering why foundation repair should be an immediate concern for homeowners who have noticed issues. So, let’s talk about foundations cracks, the most common issue requiring foundation repair, and what it means for your home in the long run. You may be surprised at the headache you can save by dealing with this problem now instead of later.

What Happens When Your Foundation Starts Cracking

When foundation issues are ignored, your foundation may begin to crack or existing cracks may get much worse. If these cracks are not repaired, it allows moisture to enter your home more with every passing season. And once that Michigan winter comes along and foundation repairs have not been completed, the repetitive freeze-thaw cycling can cause the cracks to expand as the water in them expands and contracts with temperature variations. As your foundation becomes more damaged, other cracks may occur and the entire structure of your home can be at risk if you do not make necessary foundation repairs.

Secondary Issues from Foundation Cracks

As more water is allowed into your home through foundation cracks, this can also lead to mold and mildew growth inside of your home. Your foundation is critical to the health of your home. It provides necessary support to the whole structure and should act as a barrier between the elements and the vulnerable materials used to construct the interior of your home. Making foundation repairs as soon as possible ensures that your foundation continues to do the important job of protecting and stabilizing your home.

How We Can Help

Foundation Solutions 360 is fully licensed to offer guaranteed foundation repair in Algonac, MI. Through low-pressure injection methods using epoxy or polyurethane foam, our materials are specially designed to slowly fill existing cracks and prevent moisture from getting through, as well as restoring structural integrity to your foundation.

No matter the severity of your foundation cracks, we’ve seen it all and what is hopefully a once in a lifetime crisis for you is what we deal with every day. Call us today at 855-532-5360 to get started with your free consultation or to ask about our financing options. Don’t let what could be a minor foundation repair become a catastrophic issue in the future. We’re here to help and all you have to do is call.