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Foundation Repair in Marysville MI

Foundation Repair in Marysville MIAny Marysville homeowner knows that there’s usually an ever lengthening wish list of things to do around the house. For many, addressing potential foundation repair issues has a spot on that list. When it comes to prioritizing your projects, there’s a ton of reasons why dealing with foundation repair should be at the top. After spending almost 20 years offering foundation repair services in St. Clair County Marysville, MI, we want you to know exactly why what we do is so important.

Time Compounds the Problem (And The Expense of Foundation Repair)

The longer foundation repairs are put off, the more potential secondary damage occurs to your home. Houses in Marysville and the surrounding areas are designed and built on the assumption that they will obviously be stationary. If your foundation shifts or sinks, this assumption no longer holds true. Secondary damage can be relatively minor such as drywall cracks and window/door adjustments but they can also manifest in bigger problems such as plumbing and structural damage.

Putting the time and money into foundation repairs now can save you unimaginable troubles in the future. Once you factor in that even the same repairs will cost more in the future due to variable material costs and increased labor costs, it just makes sense to do it now.

Foundation Problems Can Impact The Sale Of Your House

If you are planning to sell anytime soon, needing foundation repairs can significantly impact the price buyers are willing to pay for your home. Being able to choose and schedule the foundation repair on your own terms can save you money in the long run. Otherwise, buyers may make offers that deduct the price of foundation repair providers they have sourced themselves. For some, needing foundation repairs may just be a total deal breaker.

Foundation Issues Can Compromise Other Repairs and Projects

Without completing necessary foundation repairs, every other home repair project you complete is at risk of being compromised. All the money and time you put into these projects could be for nothing if your foundation repairs require mechanical jacking or even if the damage worsens and your house continues to shift.

Houses Settle with The Seasons

With the freeze-thaw cycling of the Michigan winter and the heat of a Michigan summer, your foundation already exerts a surprising amount of pressure on the structure of your home, even if it is structurally sound. When you are in need of foundation repair, seasonal cycling can have a devastating impact on plumbing and other systems, as well as cause worsening of existing cracks.

Once you’ve determined that you need foundation repairs, look to Foundation Solutions 360 for services in Marysville, MI and beyond. Our experience and customer testimonials speak for themselves! Call us today at 855-532-5360 for your free consultation and let us work our magic to make your home safe and sound.