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Foundation Repair in Ypsilanti MI

foundation repair in Ypsilanti

Foundation problems are a common concern among Michigan homeowners. What can start out as a hairline crack can gradually become a deep fissure that lets in moisture and the undermining of the structure of your home. If left unrepaired, these problems tend to get worse over time. Foundation repair companies can help restore the integrity of your foundation, so it can effectively continue to do the task it was designed to do.

Common Ypsilanti Foundation Problems

Foundations can experience a number of problems. As the years pass, they may experience the shifting of soil around the foundation that can cause narrow cracks that gradually worsen over time. Repeated freezing and thawing that commonly occurs in Michigan can also add moisture to the soil around foundations that pushes against the foundation material and can lead to cracks and separations. Frost heave can also occur when the moisture that accumulates in the soil freezes and expands, which causes the soil it lift up against the foundation. This can also lead to worsening foundation issues.

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Foundation repair experts recognize a number of signs that your home may have a serious foundation that needs professional residential foundation repair. You may have noticeable cracks on external or internal foundation walls. Water intrusion may become a problem. You may have damp odors in your basement or you may notice increased humidity in your home. Windows and door may stick, instead of moving freely. Lower floors may begin to sag. Chimneys may begin to lean out of alignment.


Home Foundation Repair Solutions

Your professional foundation contractor can offer a number of effective solutions to foundation problems:

  • Foundation settlement caused by shifting soil beneath the home can lead to cracks in foundation walls. These may start out as fine cracks and gradually widen due to environmental factors to larger separations that admit significant moisture into the basement areas. Low pressure injection of cracks with epoxy or polyurethane can help to stop the progression of cracks, preventing moisture and mold growth in your home and increasing its resale value. A foundation repair service can provide information on the best options for your home’s needs.
  • A sinking foundation can cause several disturbing problems in your home. Poor soil compaction, soil erosion and extreme weather events can cause this type of foundation issue. In some cases, improper drainage can cause sinking of foundations, which can worsen over time. You may notice stair-step cracks in concrete block or brick walls, front stair separation or uneven floors in the interior of the house. Pier and beam support may be needed to resolve the problem.
  • Homeowners tend to ignore the crawlspace under their homes until a major problem develops. Lack of a vapor shield can allow moisture to deteriorate crawlspace materials, leading to sagging floors, mold growth and increased humidity throughout the house. Professional foundation companies can offer bracing and support that will help to protect the integrity of your home.
  • Severe damage to concrete slabs can allow moisture to seep into your interior spaces, causing floor damage, excess humidity in the house and mold growth. Lifting and pier and beam supports can help to resolve slab foundation issues.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

Your foundation is a critical feature in maintaining the stability of your residential structure. Prompt attention to foundation repairs can help to prevent more expensive costs later on. Cracks and separations tend to get worse over time and with the pressure from changing weather conditions, which can cause a small problem to gradually require a more extensive repair/ Professional foundation repair will also help to prevent moisture from intruding on your home’s construction materials, which can lead to mold growth and the need to replace affected drywall and insulation. Prompt foundation repair also helps to keep your interior spaces healthier, particularly for sensitive individuals in your family. A stable foundation also helps to keep out insects that can invade your home and can damage materials.


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