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Foundation Repair in Hamtramck, MI

Foundation Repair in Hamtramck MINo matter what type of home you own, it’s only as good as the foundation it sits on. A home’s foundation is responsible for supporting the structure above by keeping it level while keeping groundwater and moisture out.

If you notice your home’s walls are cracking, leaning, or bowing – or the chimney isn’t quite where it should be – search for reputable foundation companies near you. At Foundation Solutions 360, we offer a foundation repair service that is customized to provide you with a solution to repair your foundation effectively and efficiently. For foundation repair in Hamtramck, MI, contact the foundation repair experts at Foundations Solutions 360 today.

Common Hamtramck Foundation Problems

Homes in Hamtramck and across Southeast Michigan are prone to foundation problems because of the stark temperature fluctuations that occur during the change of seasons. Temperature fluctuations cause the soil underneath the ground to expand and contract, which exposes your home’s foundation to excess stress that can lead to damage.

The three most common causes of home foundation repair issues include:

Shifting Soil

If the soil in your area is uneven or shifting, it can put excess stress on the foundation, leading to cracks and other damage, especially when water infiltrates the cracks.


A burst pipe or a broken water line can also damage the foundation. If cracks are present, the damage can be extensive. Just like how potholes are formed, when the water undergoes a frequent freeze-thaw cycle, it can cause the cracks to worsen over time.

Poor Construction

A strong foundation is the most important part of the home construction process. If a subpar contractor did a poor job constructing the foundation, you could be faced with significant issues after just a few years. When searching for foundation repair companies in Hamtramck, only hire one that comes highly recommended.

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

While some foundation damage can be hidden below ground and out of sight, there are several signs to look out for that indicate your foundation may be damaged and in need of repair. They include:

  • Cracks on the floors or on walls
  • A slight grade on the floor
  • Larger cracks in the drywall
  • Doors and windows don’t open properly or are misaligned
  • The chimney starts leaning
  • Bowing walls
  • musty smell in the basement or crawlspace due to mold or mildew

If you notice any of these issues, contact a foundation repair company for house foundation repair to inspect further.

Foundation Repair Solutions

When you hire the residential foundation repair experts at Foundations Solutions 360, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ll offer a customized solution based on your home foundation repair needs. The type of foundation repair service we’ll provide depends on the type of foundation issues your home is experiencing.

  • Crack repair. For foundation crack repair, we’ll use a low-pressure injection method using epoxy or polyurethane foam to fill existing cracks. Filling in cracks will protect the foundation from further damage.
  • Leaning or bowing walls. If foundation issues have led to bowing or leaning walls, we can install wall beams or wall anchors directly into the soil and straighten your home’s walls back into place.
  • Sinking or settling foundation. A sinking foundation is the most serious foundation issue, as it can cause your home to sink, shift, and deteriorate quickly. The installation of helical piers installed around your home’s foundation can help to prevent further sinking and straighten the foundation.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

If you notice foundation issues, it’s important to hire a foundation repair contractor right away before the damage becomes severe. Some of the benefits of doing so include:

Increased Home Value

A home with a damaged foundation will likely scare off potential homebuyers, or at least cause the value of your property to drop. You should always have your foundation repaired at the first sign of problems, especially if you want to increase its value.

Keeps Your Home Safe and Secure

Foundation damage can cause your home to become unstable. This can cause serious damage in the case of a natural disaster, leading to an unsafe home.

It Saves You Money

Yes, you’ll have to spend money to repair the damage to your home’s foundation, but those costs will be minuscule compared to waiting for even more serious damage to occur, such as a sinking or shifting home caused by foundation repair issues.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

If foundation cracks allow water to seep into your home, it could lead to the formation of mold and mildew, which can cause health issues and damage your home and its belongings.

Contact Foundation Solutions 360 for Foundation Solutions

If you’re looking for a foundation specialist near me, trust the foundation renovation and repair experts at Foundation Solutions 360. We can quickly and effectively identify any concerns with your home’s foundation and make the appropriate repairs. For foundation repair in Hamtramck, MI, contact Foundation Solutions 360 today.