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Foundation repair in New Boston, MI

Foundation repair in Wayne County New Boston MIWhen it comes to basement or crawl space problems, you sometimes just can’t put your finger on the cause. Determining the need for home foundation repair in New Boston, Wayne County, MI isn’t always easy.

You might not always notice visible foundation cracks, for instance. However, you may have noticed bowing walls or a crooked doorway. Otherwise, maybe your concrete slaps don’t seem as level as they used to be after you attempted to rearrange your basement recreation room furniture.

If you don’t know how to solve the problem, consider consulting a foundation repair expert. This professional can assess your situation based on the type of soil and severity of damage.

Common New Boston Foundation Problems

If you wait too long to contact a residential foundation repair company, the situation will get worse. Eventually, you’ll notice water puddles all over the floor even when your basement windows are closed. Mold, fungus and other pathogens will begin to grow because they thrive in the moisture.

If you ignore minor basement or crawl space problems for long enough, you’ll eventually experience more serious foundation damage. Request a foundation inspection to protect you from the following dangers.

  • Sinking walls and flooring press against water or gas pipes.
  • Water enters the basement and damages electrical wires.
  • The wooden ceiling and wall beams continue to rot.
  • The ceiling caves in because the walls don’t support its weight.
  • Electrocutions or fires.
  • Plumbing pipes eventually burst, causing a bigger mess.

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Watch out for bowing walls, pier and beam deterioration, cracks in the walls and floors and foundation wall gaps. If you have covered your concrete with a layer of wood, laminate or other materials, look for surface unevenness and depressions in some spots. Pain or linoleum peeling might also occur.

You’ll know the problem has progressed to a worse stage when you can no longer easily close your doors and windows. If this situation frustrates you, and you have no idea why it occurs, it’s time for a foundation inspection.

If anything, it will give you the peace of mind that the problem is fixable – only if you act now. We want to help you, but you might wonder, “Where do I find a house foundation specialist near me?”

It’s not easy choosing from among so many foundation repair companies. We ask you to start by giving us a chance to look at your current basement or crawl space condition. Once we meet you in person, we hope your confidence in us increases — because we know we’re the best in Wayne County.

Foundation Repair Solutions

After receiving a thorough Foundation 360 inspection from your preferred foundation repair experts in Wayne County, we will offer you practical repair solutions. Our professional repair team doesn’t take this process lightly, by the way.

For starters, we consider the type of soil you have underneath your home. Then, we will help you decide if your basement concrete slabs are salvageable. If you have a crawl space, we will discuss the viability of adding new concrete to provide extra support.

Here are some possible foundation repair methods:

  • Concrete lifting – We prevent concrete slab cracking by pumping polyurethane underneath them. This provides extra support where the soil can no longer hold up your basement floor.
  • Basement waterproofing (encapsulation) – Your Foundation 360 team offers you another solution. We provide a sealing service that prevents water from seeping through the vents. It also covers every speck of your flooring, even if it doesn’t appear to have any gaps. This safeguard against water entry will provide extra strength for your foundation. It also works for crawl space repair.
  • Bright white wall liner — We liven up your basement or crawl space by making its walls bright white again. Before we do this, we address any mold and perform crack repair. Then, we begin the liner treatment.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

Foundation repair can improve your home’s value. It can also add years to the life of it, and it will prevent costly damage that could eventually make its way to the rest of your home’s levels. For instance, repairing basement or crawl space problems may stop your kitchen floor from sagging. It could put an end to any existing wooden floor creaks.

By the way, not many foundation repair companies understand the long-term impact of neglecting foundation repair. We do. For instance, we can fix problems that will not cause your basement stairs to lose their support as they sink. This also applies to your first floor.

Where do I find foundation solutions near me?

Foundation 360 welcomes you to call us at (855) 532-5360 or send us a message. Don’t be afraid that it’s too late either. We’re available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If it’s an emergency, we will come as soon as we can. We serve all locations within and surrounding New Boston, MI. Don’t let your foundation sink anymore than it has already.