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Foundation Repair in Redford, MI

Foundation Repair in RedfordHave your foundation problems in Redford, MI got you down? If so, you might need to request a foundation inspection from Foundation Solutions 360.

If you have cracking or bowing walls, make sure you request help from our residential foundation repair team. Do this as soon as possible, or you could end up with worse problems on your hands. Our foundation repair company works proactively to stop your home from experiencing worst effects of foundation problems.

Common Redford, MI Foundation Problems

One source of confusion is that common foundation problems aren’t as noticeable at first. That’s why foundation repair experts recommend an inspection at least once a year. The earlier we catch the problem, the less stress it will be for you later.

If it’s not routine inspection time, but you see an increase of water in your basement, it’s time to have us come look at your home’s foundation. You might also notice tables, sofas or shelves have slid from their original position. If this un-leveling happens, it’s time to find out why.

Bowing walls and windows or doors not shutting right are common foundation problems. We advise that you address these issues as soon as possible.

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Most originate from the weakening of the ground beneath your concrete slabs. Before you see any cracking, you might notice cement chipping. The presence of mold also accompanies the increased humidity that takes place as your basement walls and floors become more permeable.

You don’t want this to happen, but your chimney could even start to lean. Worse yet, your first floor could start to cave, or the frames and beams of your house could rot and weaken. Once your foundation starts to sink, anything can go wrong.

Make sure you heed the damage early warning signs before it’s too late. Besides, you need the extra support if you live in an area that experiences some extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, sleet, snow or tornadoes and thunderstorms. Do whatever you need to do to prevent flooding too.

Your foundation repair specialists in Redford, MI also care about your safety. To prevent fires, electrical outages, wall and floor damage, appliance malfunctions and burning water or gas pipes, fix your foundation.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Our foundation repair solutions have stood the test of time, and we have evidence that they work. One of our favorite repair solutions involves injecting a substance that turns firm once it dries beneath your concrete slabs. This process is called “concrete lifting,” and it fills in the gaps between the ground and the bottom of your house.

You also would benefit from crawl space encapsulation or basement waterproofing. Both are similar procedures and could provide you with the effective minor crack repair. However, the waterproofing we do also seals every area where water could seep through and make your indoor humidity levels skyrocket.

We also can apply a treatment to your basement walls to make them look bright right again. However, we will carefully assess your situation and repair cracks before making the Bright White wall liner application. Beforehand, we also eliminate all presence of moisture-feeders, including fungi, bacteria and mold.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

Eventually, your entire house could collapse if you don’t have its foundation repaired. You don’t want that, do you? That’s why we provide foundation renovation you probably haven’t experienced yet in Redford, MI.

The sooner we fix your home’s foundation, the fewer problems you will have later. It will cost you less to prepare your home for resale, for example, if you allow us to examine your basement and crawl space conditions. As always, early detection is better than cleaning up costly damage later.

You also may notice an improvement in your health after undergoing foundation repair service. For one, foundation repair experts produce results that make you breathe easier after the mold and pathogens are removed.

Allergy symptoms also may subside after our foundation repair contractor completes the necessary foundation renovation. This means no more runny noses, itchy eyes and skin rashes or any reactions to allergens present in the humid air.

It’s Never Too Late for a Foundation Inspection in Redford, MI

Foundations Solutions 360 can literally turn your life around. We find a home foundation repair answer, unlike other foundation repair companies.

Don’t neglect a sinking foundation. Call us at (855) 532-5360 today or send us a message online to schedule an inspection of your home’s foundation in Redford, MI as soon as possible.