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Crawl Space Repair in Plymouth, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Plymouth, MI

Your crawl space is probably the area of your home you think about the least. However, it can be the beginning of some big problems. Your crawl space may seem insignificant, but it’s actually very important for the integrity of your home.

Crawl spaces are designed to create a barrier between the ground and your home. It also includes structural supports, ductwork, and plumbing.

Causes of Crawl Space Damage in Plymouth, MI

There are two basic reasons for damage to your crawlspace in Plymouth, MI. One common cause is moisture. The other issue is structural problems.

Causes of Moisture in Your Crawlspace

Moisture in crawlspaces is a common issue in Wayne County homes. One reason for this is precipitation. Plymouth receives about 33 inches of rain, which is less than the national average. However, the area gets 44 inches of snowfall, which is much higher than the average for the U.S., which is 28 inches a year.

This moisture can make its way into the crawlspace. This typically occurs because crawlspaces have dirt floors. As precipitation soaks into the ground, the crawlspace floor will become wet.

Another cause of a wet crawlspace is leaky or burst pipes. Plymouth winter temperatures dropping to 20 degrees, and barely reaching 32 degrees during the coldest month of the year. This can cause pipes to burst due to freezing, particularly if your crawl space isn’t insulated.

Wet Crawlspace Problems

If you have a wet crawlspace, your home is at risk of a few issues. One of these is mold. Mold loves moist dark areas, which makes your crawlspace the perfect breeding ground.

Unfortunately, mold can lead to health issues. The air from your crawlspace finds its way into your home. If you have mold, these spores will be released into the air.

Moisture in your crawlspace can also cause structural damage. Water will eventually cause wood to rot, which affects your home supports.

Crawlspace Structural Issues

Your crawlspace is also susceptible to structural issues. This can be caused by wood rot due to moisture in your crawlspace.

Another common problem you may experience in your Wayne County home is sinking supports. Michigan soil is often sandy or loamy. Over time, your foundation supports can settle or sink into the soil.

This can lead to foundation problems. The signs of foundation issues include cracks in walls, sagging or bowing floors, and uneven doors.

Crawl Space Repair Services in Plymouth, MI

Foundation Solutions 360 offers several options for crawl space repair in Wayne County, MI. In addition to correcting any existing problems, our services can help you prevent issues with your crawlspace before they happen.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is one of the best things you can do for your home. The process involves placing a barrier on the dirt floor of your crawlspace, and the outside walls. Insulation can also be applied to the exterior walls.

The result is a crawlspace that is completely sealed from the elements. This prevents moisture from getting into your crawlspace. It can also prevent pests and even allergens from getting into your home’s ventilation system, so you can breathe easily.

Encapsulation also makes your home more energy efficient. Rising energy costs and concerns about the environment mean that better energy efficiency can actually increase the value of your home, in addition to savings on your utility bills.

If you need extra storage space, you’ll be able to use your crawl space to store items. Since the barrier is water tight, your belongings won’t become damaged.

Power Posts

If damage in your crawl space has caused foundation problems, power posts are the perfect solution. We use steel posts set onto concrete pads. The posts are adjustable, which allows us to correct your foundation.  Our power posts have a higher capacity than jacks you may find in hardware stores, which can make them more effective.

These posts will not rot, unlike wood supports. They are the best way to solve foundation issues, including rotting or sinking supports. Best of all, they are designed to last for the lifetime of your home.

Power posts can solve issues including uneven doors and bowing or sagging floors. We can repair any cracks in your walls, and prevent further cracks from occurring as well.

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We offer free estimates and warranties that can provide peace of mind. Don’t wait to repair your crawl space, because these problems will get worse over time.