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Crawl Space Encapsulation 

Protect your family from the mold, mildew and poor air quality while reducing soil gases and energy cost year around.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Introducing our EmeSeal 90mil Zero Perm Vapor Barrier

  • Zero Perm, 90mil Liner
  • 30 year warranty
  • Stops penetration from moisture and mold
  • Reflects heat back into your home
  • Antimicrobial Liner
  • Can go on the floor and insulate walls

Air Quality

Did you know over 50% of the air in your home comes from the crawl space. Full encapsulation with a zero permeable liner we can improve your air quality by eliminating the mold, moisture and mildew.

Mold & Mildew

The key to mold control starts with moisture control. If your crawlspace is dirt or stone you could be letting in gallons of water in the form of moisture each day. Our 90mil liner is designed to build a barrier from your home and the sources of moisture thus preserving your home and health.

Dust Mites

These tiny microscopic animals are mites. They tend to leave fecal matter and when they die their body parts are left behind. This can be a very powerful allergen when inhaled. These mites need moisture to survive. Our liner is the number one defense against these unwanted allergens.

Before and After

Our Antimicrobial 90mil Liner Advantages

• Eliminate mold, moisture and allergens such as dust mites
• Insulation and our reflective liner reduces energy cost
• Improve air quality with a clean, dry and sanitary crawlspace
• Reduce soil gases such as radon though the number 1 source
• Turns your crawlspace into usable storage space

We Have a 6 Step Process to Protect Your Home

1. We prepare your crawlspace by removing debris and insulation that’s considered ruined by any moisture. We smooth to establish an even grade.
2. It is highly recommended but not required to install insulation and secure to the outside walls. We also close off all outside vents.
3. Install the liner on the outside wall to protect and reflex heat which also works as an insulator.
4. Secure all liners to the outside wall with fasteners and Radon Shield to provide an air tight seal.
5. Install the floor liner to seal our all moisture and soil gases. Liner will also reduce energy cost while providing a antimicrobial barrier.
6. Seal lock around all piping and use a permanent seaming tape.