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Leaning & Bowing Walls

When Leaning or Bowing Walls Need to be Straightened

When soil shifts, the pressure of the soil against a wall can cause the wall to lean or bow in, which will result in foundation repairs. Sometimes, a wall will lean or bow so much that it reaches a failure point, and a simple re-stabilization is no longer an option to completely fix the issue. In this case, we strongly recommend having a foundation wall anchor or beam installed to ensure a permanent fix for your home’s foundation and wall problems.

Leaning & Bowing Walls Repairs | Michigan | Foundation Solutions 360Wall Anchors Fix Leaning and Bowed Walls

As a trusted solution for homeowners for well over 70 years, wall anchors are able to hold a tremendous amount of weight. Anchored solidly in the very soil that caused the problem in the first place, a wall anchor will pull the soil back away from the wall, allowing the wall to re-stabilize and straighten out. With proper landscaping and outdoor drainage, our Hold Right Wall Anchors can pull a wall straight over time. Alternatively, if the soil surrounding the outside wall has been excavated, a wall can be straightened within a day. A wall anchor is a great foundation repair that is affordable and will focus on the issue at hand.



 Installation Process

1. First, we drill through the compromised wall about 10 feet into your yard.

2. We then dig a small trench parallel to the wall about six inches.

3. Next, we connect the wall anchor material.

4. We begin the straightening process.

5. Replace excavated dirt.

6. Fill any voids in the foundation wall.

Minimum Excavation

Advantages to Wall Anchors

  • Correct wall failures
  • One day installation in most homes
  • Protect the resale value of your home
  • Secure stability with peace of mind

Wall Beams

When a wall is leaning or bowing but has not yet reached a critical failure point, sometimes a wall beam is a great solution. Our system used to stabilize walls, which we like to call ‘The Force’, provides a consistent 1,000 pounds of pressure on each beam in a wall. This pressure eliminates any movement within a wall and can slowly straighten it over time.

Advantages of Wall Beams for Fixing Leaning and Bowed Walls

  • Slowly corrects wall movement
  • When digging outside is not an option
  • One day installation in most homes
  • Protect the resale value of your home
  • Secure stability with peace of mind

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