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Sinking Foundation

Foundation Solutions 360 offers homeowners crucial insights & guidance regarding sinking foundations. Acquire valuable information to comprehend & address concerns associated with the stability of your foundation, ensuring the steadfastness of your home’s structural integrity.

Sinking foundations, a common concern for many homeowners, have a gradual yet hazardous process as the house’s foundation descends into the ground. This issue jeopardizes your home’s structural integrity and poses significant safety risks. At Foundation Solutions 360, we recognize the critical nature of this problem and prioritize effective solutions to safeguard your home.

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How Sinking Foundations Occur

Sinking foundations typically result from problematic soil conditions. These conditions might include a soft, unstable top layer or soil that undergoes uneven expansion and contraction due to the freeze-thaw cycles, especially prevalent in Michigan. When builders construct a house on such shifting grounds, the foundation becomes vulnerable. This vulnerability can manifest in various forms, such as uniform sinking, where the entire structure evenly lowers into the ground, or differential settlement, where one side of the home sinks more than the other, causing uneven floors, major cracking, and structural damage.

Professional Foundation Repair for New & Outdated Foundations

Many existing homes are victims of outdated building codes that have failed to adequately address soil issues, leaving them susceptible to sinking foundations. At Foundation Solutions 360, our deep understanding of these historical oversights allows us to provide professional foundation repair solutions. Even in newer constructions, we offer solutions to keep your foundations durable and even. We have the expertise to identify and repair any issues causing your foundation to sink, ensuring your home is secure and stable no matter its age.

The Consequences of Neglecting Sinking Foundations

At Foundation Solutions 360, we have seen the effects of overlooking sinking foundations in homes. This issue can lead to a multitude of problems if not addressed timely and effectively. Let’s take a look at the most common issues that arise when your foundations weigh down on your home.

Foundation Solutions 360 | Sinking Foundation

Wall Cracks

One of the most visible signs of a sinking foundation is the appearance of wall cracks. These cracks can appear on both the interior and exterior walls, signaling not just an aesthetic issue but a deeper structural problem. As the foundation shifts, it places undue stress on the building’s structure, leading to these cracks and potentially compromising the building’s integrity.

Foundation Solutions 360 | Sinking Foundation

Sticking Doors & Windows

Doors and windows that don’t shut properly are a common symptom of foundation issues. This misalignment can make doors and windows challenging to use and is a clear sign of more severe underlying structural problems.

Foundation Solutions 360 | Sinking Foundation

Plumbing Issues

Sinking foundations can have a profound impact on plumbing. The shifting of the foundation can misalign plumbing pipes, leading to leaks, blockages, and even significant water damage. These plumbing issues are both inconvenient and costly to repair.

Foundation Solutions 360 | Sinking Foundation

Roof Damage

The effects of a sinking foundation extend to the roof. It can cause an uneven roofline, gaps in roofing elements, and potentially lead to leaks. This type of damage compromises the external protection of the building and can result in internal damage due to water infiltration.

Foundation Solutions 360 | Sinking Foundation

Sagging Floors

A sinking foundation often leads to sagging floors, ruining your home’s structure. Over time, these sagging floors can worsen, increasing stress on the foundation and leading to issues like collapsing floors.

Foundation Solutions 360 | Sinking Foundation

Collapsing Floors

In severe cases, a weakened foundation can lead to collapsing floors. This poses serious risks to the occupants inside and requires immediate attention to prevent further damage and ensure safety.

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Comprehensive Foundation Repair Solutions for Sinking Foundations

At Foundation Solutions 360, we have seen how sinking foundations wreak havoc on homes with the array of problems they can cause. Fortunately, our expertise and advanced solutions equip us to resolve these problems with ease. Our services ensure a sturdy foundation along with your utmost safety.

Helical Piers: A Reliable Fix

When it comes to fixing sinking foundations, our professional team highly recommends the use of Helical Piers. This method is reliable and cost-effective, making it a preferred solution for many homeowners. Helical piers stabilize your foundation, addressing issues like cracks in walls and the foundation itself. Our highly qualified team professionally assesses and implements this solution, providing you with a trustworthy and efficient service.

Foundation Solutions 360 | Sinking Foundation

Crawl Space Jacks: Reinforcing Your Home’s Foundation

In cases where sinking foundations lead to warping and sagging floors, a more robust solution is required. Our crawl space jacks reinforce your home’s foundation supports while establishing a solid structure for your home. Here’s how our crawl space jacks make a difference:

Our jacks successfully lift and stabilize sagging crawl space support beams and joists, halting further degradation of your home’s structure.

They tackle the issue of bowing or buckling floors, a common consequence of weakened or damaged crawl space supports.

The jacks work to evenly distribute the weight of your home, preventing undue stress on any part of the foundation.

We proudly utilize the Strongpost Jack Support System, ensuring you receive the best crawl space jacks in the industry. This system represents our commitment to using top-tier technology and materials to deliver outstanding results.

Our expertise in foundation and crawl space repair, combined with our use of the highest quality tools and techniques, makes us a leading choice for homeowners facing sinking foundation issues. With every service, Foundation Solutions 360 provides peace of mind and a secure foundation for your home’s future.

First-Rate Advantages of Our Specialized Services

Foundation Solutions 360 offers unmatched services to address sinking foundations, offering benefits that will enhance your home. Our foundation repairs built from cutting-edge technology ensure your home regains its stability and value.

Foundation Solutions 360 | Sinking Foundation

Benefits of Helical Piers

Helical Piers are a cornerstone of our approach to rectifying sinking foundations. Here are the key advantages they offer:

Corrects Wall Movement

Our helical piers correct the movement of your walls slowly and effectively, addressing the root cause of structural damage.

Ideal When Exterior Digging is Impractical

In situations when external excavation is not feasible, helical piers provide an efficient solution without the need for extensive digging.

Quick Installation

Most homes can have helical piers installed in just one day, minimizing disruption to your daily life.

Protects Resale Value

By stabilizing your foundation, our service helps protect and potentially improve the resale value of your home.

Secures Stability

Our helical piers ensure lasting stability for your home, giving you peace of mind about its structural integrity.

Benefits of the Strongpost Jack Support System

Our Strongpost Jack Support System is another notable component of our services, offering several unique benefits:

Remarkable Load Capacity

This system allows up to 7 inches of lift and can support an impressive 30,000 pounds, ensuring robust reinforcement for your home.

Settle-Resistant Design

The Polybase foundation makes our jack system more resistant to settling than other options on the market.

Innovative Polybase Material

The Polybase is a low-profile, high-strength polymer concrete reinforced with glass fiber. It’s 30% lighter than traditional concrete blocks, making it an efficient and durable choice.

Lifetime Warranty & Free Inspections

All our services, whether you choose Helical Piers or the Strongpost Jack Support System, come with an industry-leading lifetime warranty and free inspections, proving our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Foundation Solutions 360 | Sinking Foundation

At Foundation Solutions 360, our goal is to give you the most stellar solutions for sinking foundations. Our team is skilled in addressing a wide range of foundation and structural issues, ensuring that your home remains safe, stable, and valuable.

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Our skilled experts bring their knowledge to every project, guaranteeing the stability and durability of sinking foundations. Our dedication to safety and functionality goes beyond standard installations, providing tailored solutions to address structural issues. Backed by exceptional customer support, we emerge as your top choice for trustworthy and efficient reinforcement of sinking foundations.

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Premier Foundation Repair for Sinking Foundations

At Foundation Solutions 360, we specialize in expertly addressing your foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawl space repair needs. Our reputation for delivering top-rated services stems from our commitment to state-of-the-art techniques and the use of high-quality materials.

We understand the urgency of fixing sinking foundations and encourage homeowners not to delay in seeking our professional assistance. Waiting can lead to worsening issues, but with our expertise, we ensure a swift and enduring solution for every project, big or small.

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